Vendor Agnostic

Most traditional technology integrators promote themselves based on their relationship with specific vendors. Their service is exclusively tied to the benefits of the hardware and software they resell, and they’re motivated to promote specific products based solely on contracts.

Unlike traditional integrators, MWSolutions Inc doesn’t rely on a preferred vendor list. Instead, MWSolutions Inc leverages its extensive network of global high-performance networking and security solution partners and its long history of technical leadership, consulting, and support to identify potential solutions. The company then follows a rigorous vetting process, ensuring that all components of the solution must meet the customer’s technical and budgetary requirements.

Customers are confident that MWSolutions Inc vendor-agnostic approach ensures that the company develops custom solutions that are independent from vendor relationships, meet the technical and budgetary requirements and solve the customers’ problems.

To provide such objective guidance requires a company that is familiar with all of the technology in the industry and is able to maintain a fully functional lab environment to constantly evaluate different platforms.