Oil & Gas

The oil and gas sector is at the heart of our society. Its infrastructure is essential to services and supply chains that we all depend on. Oil and gas companies run complex onshore and offshore operations, where safety is of paramount importance to people and the environment. Environments are becoming more and more digitalized and open to gain economic advantage, although it's also a sector which is accompanied by a variety of security challenges.

Safeguarding critical offshore and onshore oil and gas facilities.

During the whole oil & gas value chain, including upstream, midstream and downstream projects, safety is key. Incidents such as spills and explosions can cause injuries and even fatalities. But there is more. Environmental harm and severe impact on supply chains can send shock waves through society. The geopolitical importance of energy adds extra dimensions of complexity, challenge and potential vulnerability for oil and gas companies.

MW Solutions has extensive experience in working with oil and gas multinationals across four unique continents, driving initiatives including the development of strong OT cyber security policies from the ground up. Our expertise in both onshore and offshore environments, and in-depth understanding of industry-specific situations, mean oil and gas companies trust us to help safeguard their operations.